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The General's Hot Sauce

The General's Hot Sauce Reaper Actual 180ml

The General's Hot Sauce Reaper Actual 180ml

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Introducing The General's  daring sauce yet, Reaper Actual.

With its namesake's signal meaning they're ready to roll, this blend combines fiery Carolina Reapers, vibrant red cayennes and smoky chipotle powder to deliver an intense kick.

Like our other hot sauces, Reaper Actual is 86% peppers and packs an equally bold pepper flavor to balance its extreme heat. Unlike other companies' mashes, our Carolina Reaper mash is grown and made in-house like our other peppers--right in the US. Peppers, salt, and time?

That's it--no extracts, no added heat. Supplies are limited but we'll never sacrifice quality over quantity.


Introducing The General's Hot Sauce Dead Red 180ml – a unique and truly special hot sauce that is sure to spice up any meal!

Heat rating 3 out of 5

This all-natural product is made from American-grown, fully ripe red cayenne peppers that are hand-picked and then salted down and aged until the mash is perfect for conversion and bottling.

The sauce is almost 90% cayenne peppers, giving it an incredibly authentic and fresh cayenne flavor that will be very different from other hot sauces that typically have a stronger concentration of vinegar. Give your meals an extra kick with The General's Hot Sauce Dead Red 180ml!


* American-grown Cayenne and Carolina Reaper peppers
* Distilled White Vinegar
* Chipotle seasoning
* Salt
* Garlic


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