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The General's Hot Sauce

The General's Bee Sting Hot Honey 180ml

The General's Bee Sting Hot Honey 180ml

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Ready to Get Stung by Sweetness and Sweat?

Enter The General's Bee Sting—where the sting comes sweetened! This concoction doesn't just slap your palate; it gives it a sassy wink with sun-dried Carolina Reaper mash paired with honey. It's like a love bite from a very friendly bee!

tick to your boring condiments, and you'll be the culinary equivalent of watching paint dry. Forget adding excitement to your eats; you might as well sprinkle your food with water. Passing up on Bee Sting? That's like refusing a fist bump from a celebrity chef—tragic and humorously regrettable.

  • Friendly Fire: A manageable heat that plays nice with your palate.
  • Unexpected Twists: Ideal for those who enjoy a surprise in every bite.
  • Sweet Meets Heat: A match made in culinary heaven, or at least a very busy kitchen.
  • Adventure Ready: Turn ordinary meals into thrill rides for your mouth.




American-sourced Honey,
Sun-dried Carolina Reaper pepper mash,
Distilled white vinegar


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