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The General's Hot Sauce

The General's Hot Sauce Commando Condiment Cluster 3-Pack

The General's Hot Sauce Commando Condiment Cluster 3-Pack

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Take Command of Your Kitchen with the Commando Condiment Cluster 3-Pack!

Introducing the newest recruits in The General’s arsenal: the Commando Condiment Cluster 3-Pack! Marching into your kitchen are 1 Bottle of Atomic Balsamic, 1 Bottle of Bold Gold, and 1 A Salt Weapon. This trio of taste is here to ensure that your culinary endeavors are nothing short of victorious!

Meet your new mess hall mates:

  • A Salt Weapon: A medium-heat habanero natural sea salt that’s ready to fire up your flavor frontlines. It’s the kind of salt that salutes your steaks with a sizzle and charges at blandness with a boldness only The General could muster.

  • Bold Gold: A mild cayenne-infused imported extra virgin olive oil that’s more precious than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Whether it's drizzling dignity over salads or granting a golden touch to your garlic bread, Bold Gold is the gallant guardian of gourmet.

  • Atomic Balsamic: A medium-heat, habanero-infused imported balsamic vinegar that’s the bomb dot com of balsamics! Perfect for parachuting onto salads or conducting a flavour blitz on bruschetta, it’s the balsamic that believes in a big bang of boldness.

The beauty of this brigade is in its versatility. Prepare steaks with a smear of Bold Gold and a sprinkle of A Salt Weapon. Toss your salads into taste triumph with a drizzle of Bold Gold and a dash of Atomic Balsamic. The tactical combinations are endless, and the flavour victories are boundless!

  • Versatile Valor: From steaks to salads, the Culinary Commander 3-Pack is your all-access pass to a panorama of palate-pleasing possibilities.
  • Taste Triumph: With every sprinkle, drizzle, and dash, you’re not just cooking; you’re commanding a culinary conquest!
  • Gourmet Glory: This trio is the epitome of epicurean excellence, ready to rally beside you as you march towards mealtime magnificence.

Salute the sunsets of the same-old and dawn the day of delectable with the Culinary Commander 3-Pack. It’s not just a choice; it’s a call to culinary arms!





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