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The General's Hot Sauce

The General's Hot Sauce Christmas Crackers 3-Pack

The General's Hot Sauce Christmas Crackers 3-Pack

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Ho-Ho-Hot Sauce Heaven: Santa’s Spicy Selection!

As the snow blankets the landscape and the joyful carols fill the air, Santa’s sleigh bellies down from the North, bearing a fiery trio of flavours to ignite the holiday spirit!

Unwrap the warmth with 1 Bottle of Maple Mayhem, 1 Bottle of Danger Close Hot Sauce, and 1 Bottle of Hooah Jalapeno Hot Sauce. This spicy trio is not just a gift, it's an invitation to a culinary sleigh ride through a winter wonderland of flavours!

Unlike the humdrum sauces on the supermarket shelves with a mere 20-25% pepper content, The General's spicy selection boasts an elf-approved 86% pepper content. The mild to medium heat level is like a warm hug on a cold winter night, a gentle, hearty warmth that’ll have you caroling all the way to the dinner table.

Maple Mayhem is Santa’s secret to keeping the North Pole buzzing! This isn’t just Vermont's finest maple syrup; it’s a merry fusion of sweet maple with sun-dried habanero mash, a match made in holiday heaven. Perfect for drizzling over crispy chicken and waffles or caramelized brussel sprouts, it's the culinary companion that’ll have your taste buds dancing to the jingles of joy!

  • North Pole Approved: Crafted from nature's finest, bearing the true essence of American soil and Vermont's lush maple trees.
  • Merry and Bold: Pure, authentic, and packed with flavours bolder than Rudolph’s red nose!
  • Unleash the Festive Chef: This spicy trio is your ticket to turning your outdoor kitchen into Santa’s flavourful workshop.
  • The Ideal Holiday Offering: Gift the joy of a fiery, flavourful Christmas, wrapped in three exquisite bottles ready to spread holiday cheer!

Slide down the chimney of culinary exploration with Santa's Spicy Selection and let the holiday feasting begin with a dash of zest and a drizzle of sweet maple magic!




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