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The General's Hot Sauce

The General's Hot Sauce A Salt Weapon 180ml

The General's Hot Sauce A Salt Weapon 180ml

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In the battle against blandness, many hot sauces claim to be the hero, yet falter in the face of flavour.

Most folks reckon that the fierier the sauce, the fiercer the flavour, neglecting the strategic alliance of taste and tang.

But The General’s Hot Sauce A Salt Weapon 180ml breaks rank with these misconceptions, leading a flavourful charge with its fiery yet well-rounded taste.

With its disciplined blend of non-iodized sea salt and sun-dried habanero mash, this sauce stands at attention, showcasing that top-tier ingredients yield a battle-winning combo of heat and flavour​.

  • Natural Blend: No additives, no fillers, just pure, fiery goodness.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for meats, veggies, and even cocktails.
  • Medium Heat: Spicy, yet balanced, perfect for every palate.
  • Authentic Taste: Crafted with home-grown habanero peppers and Atlantic sea salt.

Stick to the old regimen of bland sauces, and your meals will continue to fall in the line of culinary duty. Your dishes will lack the daring dash of zest, that essential fire that elevates a meal from the mess hall to a victory feast. The yearning for a sauce that commands both heat and flavour will remain a distant dream.

It's not merely a salt; it's your new secret weapon in the battle against the bland.


Introducing The General's Hot Sauce Dead Red 180ml – a unique and truly special hot sauce that is sure to spice up any meal!

Heat rating 3 out of 5

This all-natural product is made from American-grown, fully ripe red cayenne peppers that are hand-picked and then salted down and aged until the mash is perfect for conversion and bottling.

The sauce is almost 90% cayenne peppers, giving it an incredibly authentic and fresh cayenne flavor that will be very different from other hot sauces that typically have a stronger concentration of vinegar. Give your meals an extra kick with The General's Hot Sauce Dead Red 180ml!


* Coarse sea salt
* Sun-dried ground habanero pepper mash


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