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The General's Hot Sauce

The General's Hot Sauce Bold Gold 180ml - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The General's Hot Sauce Bold Gold 180ml - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Golden Drizzle with a Sizzle: The General's Bold Gold Olive Oil

Gird your griddles and brace your bread, for The General is marching onto your table with a bottle of liquid gold! Presenting Bold Gold, an all-natural cayenne-infused extra virgin olive oil that’s here to declare war on the mundane and the bland.

When the fiery remnants of The General's Dead Red pepper mash bid farewell to their solid comrades, they embark on an epic voyage into the heart of premium grade extra virgin olive oil, forging a union that's as bold as it is golden.

This is not just an olive oil; this is a drizzle of daring, a splash of sass, and a pour of pure culinary power! The fruity whispers of the olive oil tango with the fermented cayenne flame, creating a taste ballet that’s as harmonious as it is heated.

  • Universal Culinary Comrade: Whether it's a lively salad, a crusty garlic bread, or a spicy bruschetta, Bold Gold is your go-to gourmet companion.
  • Heat with Heart: Fear not the fire, for the heat is but a tender touch, a gentle nudge towards a world where every bite is a bold adventure.
  • Cook with Courage: Begin your culinary conquests with a splash of Bold Gold in the pan, and watch as oven-roasted veggies, marinated chicken breasts, and a plethora of other dishes rise through the ranks of Routine to the echelons of Extraordinary.

Bold Gold isn’t just a choice; it’s a statement. It’s a proclamation that every meal, no matter how modest, has the potential to be magnificent. So unscrew a bottle of Bold Gold today, and let the flavour revolution begin!



* Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* American-Grown Cayenne Peppers
* Sea Salt


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