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The Four Saucemen

Manuka Hot Honey Rib Glaze 500ml - The Four Saucemen

Manuka Hot Honey Rib Glaze 500ml - The Four Saucemen

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Sweet as Honey, Hot as a Kiwi Summer: MANUKA HOT HONEY Rib Glaze!

You might think that all rib glazes are created equal—just a sticky, sweet finish to slap on your meat. You probably also think that rugby is just a bunch of guys chasing a ball, right?

Well, it's time to get schooled. MANUKA HOT HONEY Rib Glaze is the PhD of BBQ condiments. Crafted with New Zealand's finest Manuka Honey and a sassy kick of chilli, this glaze is more than a topping; it's a revelation.

Stick with your run-of-the-mill glazes, and your BBQ will be as forgettable as a rainy summer day. Your ribs and chicken will be good, but they'll never be the talk of the town. You'll be stuck in BBQ mediocrity, forever wondering why your neighbour's BBQ always draws a crowd.

But with MANUKA HOT HONEY Rib Glaze, you're not just cooking; you're creating a masterpiece.

  • Sweet Meets Heat: Imagine the rich, medicinal goodness of Manuka Honey dancing a tango with a fiery chili. Yes, it's that dramatic.
  • Kiwi Gold: Made with authentic New Zealand Manuka Honey, this glaze is the liquid equivalent of a haka—it demands respect.
  • Champion Pedigree: Already a winner at Culley's Smoke and Spice Festival 2023, this glaze is the Usain Bolt of BBQ condiments.
  • Not Just for Ribs: This glaze is a multi-talented star, winning accolades in both Chicken and Rib categories.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your BBQ the Lord of the Rings with MANUKA HOT HONEY Rib Glaze!




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