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The Four Saucemen

The Rib Glaze 500ml - The Four Saucemen

The Rib Glaze 500ml - The Four Saucemen

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Unleash the Champion in Your Ribs with The Four Saucemen's Rib Glaze!

Think your ribs are already the life of the BBQ party? That's like saying your karaoke rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is as good as Freddie Mercury's. Nice try, but let's get real.

Time to drop the mic—The Rib Glaze by The Four Saucemen is here to give your ribs a standing ovation. This isn't just a glaze; it's the secret sauce to your BBQ's standing ovation.

Stick with your generic, off-the-shelf glaze, and your ribs will be as memorable as the third sequel in a movie franchise. You'll be the undercard in a title fight, forever overshadowed by the main event.

But with The Rib Glaze, you're not just cooking; you're headlining your own BBQ festival.

  • Smokey, Sticky, Sweet: This glaze is the triple threat of BBQ—like a singer who can act and dance.
  • Touch of Heat: Just enough sizzle to make you the BBQ's hot topic, but not enough to call the fire department.
  • Award-Winning: With a trophy case like this, your ribs will need their own acceptance speech.
  • Gluten-Free: Because everyone deserves a taste of victory, even your gluten-avoiding Aunt Karen.

And let's talk size. This glaze comes in a 500ml bottle, enough to cover 8-10 racks of ribs, or one rack if you're feeling like a BBQ diva.

So why be the opening act when you can be the headliner? Order your Rib Glaze today and make your ribs the rockstars of BBQ!




* Sugar
* Water
* Tomato Paste
* Vinegar
* Molasses
* Glucose
* Worcestershire sauce
* Salt


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