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The Four Saucemen

The Beef Gravy 120g - The Four Saucemen

The Beef Gravy 120g - The Four Saucemen

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Ever feel like making a homemade gravy is like waiting for a pot to boil, only less exciting?

Picture a gravy that’s so quick to make, it's ready before you can say “New York Cut Pepper Beef Gravy” three times fast!

There’s a common tale that good gravy needs hours of stirring and simmering. And that quick gravy is the equivalent to a sitcom laugh track – artificially trying to create what’s not there.

Buckle up, because our New York Cut Pepper Beef Gravy is about to speed through this myth like a hot knife through butter, or should we say, a gravy boat through a sea of mashed potatoes!

Crafted in our home with a sprinkle of love, a dash of laughter, and a whole lot of peppery pizzazz, this gravy is here to prove that quick can absolutely taste exquisite.

Stick to the slow-cooking saga, and you’ll be stirring the pot while life stirs the pot with you. Those family dinners might just turn into a “Guess what’s simmering since morning?” game. And, oh, the heartbreak when the gravy turns out to be a flop despite the long hours!

The New York Cut Pepper Beef Gravy is your ticket to skipping the gravy drama and diving straight into a pool of rich, beefy, peppery goodness.

  • Rapid Rendezvous: A quick stir, and voila! Gravy galore.
  • Homemade Hilarity: Crafted with a sense of humor and a burst of authentic flavors.
  • Versatile Voyage: From your pan juices to a standalone sauce, it’s a voyage of velvety versatility.
  • Family Fiesta: Enough to serve four, or one very hungry gravy enthusiast!

Hop aboard the gravy train and chug along to Flavor Town with a pack of our gourmet gravy!


    Behold, The Four Saucemen's NEW YORK CUT PEPPER, a powdery gravy full of the home-cooked flavor you crave but without the wait. The Four Saucemen team has lovingly made this richness-packed, beefy, and, of course, peppery sauce right from home—just for you and yours! In mere moments, everyone can delight in a gravied masterpiece more sublime than anything from the store!

    (And we feel sure you won't ever look back!)



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