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Manuka Hot Honey Rib Glaze & Rub Pack

Manuka Hot Honey Rib Glaze & Rub Pack

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New Zealand's Secret Weapon is About to Invade the Aussie BBQ Competition Scene!

So you reckon you've got the Australian BBQ competition scene all figured out, eh? That's like saying you've mastered the Haka because you've seen it on TV. Brace yourself, Australia; New Zealand is coming!

Hold onto your tongs, because this Kiwi combo pack is about to do a full-on All Blacks-style charge into the Aussie BBQ arena. This isn't just a rub and a glaze; it's New Zealand's culinary invasion of Australia.

But if you stick with your regular rubs and glazes, and you'll be as relevant as a VHS tape in a Netflix world. You'll be the BBQ competitor who's still cooking last season's recipes while everyone else has moved on to the next big thing.

But with the Manuka Hot Honey Rib Glaze & Rub Pack, you're not just cooking; you're joining the BBQ revolution. (You don't have to be in completion bbq, you can use this at home!)

  • Manuka Hot Honey Rib Glaze: This Kiwi masterpiece, made with authentic NZ Manuka Honey and a dash of chili, is about to become the Vegemite of the Aussie BBQ scene.
  • The Pork Rub: Forget what you know about rubs; this New Zealand original is about to rewrite the rulebook.
  • Award-Winning: This pack has more accolades than the All Blacks have rugby championships.
  • Versatile: Perfect for ribs, but also a game-changer for pork shoulders and chicken.

And let's talk size—a 500ml glaze bottle and a 295g rub jar. That's enough to make you the talk of the BBQ circuit from Brisbane to Adelaide.

So why be stuck in the past when you can be part of the future? Order your Manuka Hot Honey Rib Glaze & Rub Pack today and get ready for the Kiwi invasion of the Aussie BBQ scene!




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