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The Four Saucemen

Four Saucemen Brisket and Pie Box

Four Saucemen Brisket and Pie Box

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So you think brisket is just a "one-night stand" of the BBQ world, huh? And gravy is just the wingman that nobody remembers? Oh, you sweet, innocent, BBQ novice.

Hold onto your tongs, because the Four Saucemen Brisket and Pie Box is here to turn your BBQ world upside down. This box is like the Swiss Army knife of BBQ—multi-functional, indispensable, and it might just save your dinner party.

Keep slathering your brisket with that same ol' rub, and you'll be the culinary equivalent of a dad joke—predictable and mildly amusing but ultimately forgettable. And let's not even talk about the "blasphemy in a bottle" that is store-bought gravy. You'll be forever stuck in BBQ purgatory, where the brisket is dry and the gravy is lumpy.

But with the Four Saucemen Brisket and Pie Box, you're not just cooking; you're launching a culinary sitcom where every episode is a hit.

  • The White Rub: Think of this as the charming best friend in a rom-com—always there to lay down a solid base, but also steals the show on roast veggies.
  • The Black Rub: This is the plot twist you didn't see coming. It produces a bark so good, your brisket will get its own fan club.
  • The Beef Gravy: This is the spin-off show that becomes a cult classic. Turn your leftover brisket into a pie that even grandma would approve of.

So why settle for a cameo when you can be the star, director, and producer of your own BBQ blockbuster? Grab your Four Saucemen Brisket and Pie Box today and become the Quentin Tarantino of grill-side tales!



    * Salt
    * Sugar
    * Spices
    * Dehydrated Garlic
    * Flavour
    * Yeast Extract (Wheat, Barley)
    * Vegetable Oil


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