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The Four Saucemen

The Chicken Gravy 120g - The Four Saucemen

The Chicken Gravy 120g - The Four Saucemen

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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? To Dive into The Four Saucemen's Chicken Gravy, Of Course!

So, you think gravy is just the "sidekick" to your chicken, like Robin to Batman? Think again, my flavour-challenged friend.

Here's the saucy truth: The Four Saucemen's Chicken Gravy 120g is the superhero your chicken has been waiting for. Forget the bland, watery stuff you've been pouring over your poultry. This is gravy with a Ph.D. in Deliciousness, developed by the culinary geniuses at The Four Saucemen. It's like sending your taste buds to a five-star spa, but without the awkward cucumber slices over your eyes.

Keep using that generic, store-bought gravy, and you'll be stuck in the culinary equivalent of a traffic jam—boring, frustrating, and utterly forgettable.

Ready to turn your meals from "meh" to "magnificent"? With The Four Saucemen's Chicken Gravy 120g, you're not just adding a condiment; you're adding a culinary masterpiece to your plate. This gravy doesn't just complement your chicken—it transforms it. And let's not forget your roast veggies and pork; they'll go from supporting cast to co-stars in this flavourful show.
So, go ahead, give your taste buds the VIP treatment they deserve. Order now and make every meal a standing ovation.


Behold, The Four Saucemen's NEW YORK CUT PEPPER, a powdery gravy full of the home-cooked flavor you crave but without the wait. The Four Saucemen team has lovingly made this richness-packed, beefy, and, of course, peppery sauce right from home—just for you and yours! In mere moments, everyone can delight in a gravied masterpiece more sublime than anything from the store!

(And we feel sure you won't ever look back!)


* Potato Starch
* Beverage Whitener (milk) [tapioca syrup, vegetable oil, sodium caseinate (milk)
* Acidity regulator (340)
* Emulsifier (471)
* Anticaking agent (551)]
* Salt
* Sugar
* Flavours
* Yeast Extracts (wheat, barley)
* Dehydrated Onions
* Herbs,
* Colour (150c)
* Spice


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