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Atomic Charcoal Chicken 280g

Atomic Charcoal Chicken 280g

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The incredible, rich and savoury taste of Atomic Charcoal Chicken will make you forget all about your average roasted chicken.

This is because it provides a great way to have that same unmistakable smokey char flavour which sets them apart from the normal ones we eat at home - just sprinkle some generously before roasting or grilling so they can get infused into every bite!

But don't limit yourself with only using this on meat; seafood lovers should also try out their special spices for dishes like rice & veggie paella where vegetables become more than simply sleeker looking pieces cut up nicely among soft yellow noodles drizzling over fluffy brown rice.


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Bradley Rees
Best chicken flavour

This is by far my favourite chicken seasoning, I use it on literally anything chicken.

John Dalle Cort

Atomic Charcoal Chicken