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Mini Charcoal Starter Kit

Mini Charcoal Starter Kit

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Normal sized charcoal starters can be overkill for lighting 4 -12 briquettes for a charcoal snake and they are not very portable for a go anywhere type barbecue. Full, it will hold 600g / 25 briquettes.

We've been trying to buy a small sized charcoal starter for months but they are either out of stock or they cost way too much!!!

Last year we made a video showing how to make one at home - super easy, you just had to source the parts.

To make it even easier, we've put together a DIY kit - we've sourced all the parts, all you have to do is put it together.

In the kit is at the body for the chimney starter, bolts, screws and a basic handle. We've seen people customise these with weber handles and tree branches - how will you customise yours?

If you get one, add a rub to make the most of your shipping - it will fit inside the charcoal starter when we pack it to send. Get 10% of any rub when you by a Mini Charcoal Starter Kit




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