Introducing The Four Saucemen Rubs - Barbecue Excellence

Introducing The Four Saucemen Rubs - Barbecue Excellence

There's nothing quite like the aroma of food sizzling on the barbecue, the crackle of the flames, and the mounting anticipation as you await the first delectable bite. At Barbeque Trading Co., we're committed to offering top-tier products that elevate your barbecue experience. And that's why we're excited to introduce our latest offering: The Four Saucemen's BBQ rubs.

A Love for Exceptional Barbecue

Meet The Four Saucemen, a quartet of friends from Auckland City, New Zealand, who have turned their shared love for exceptional barbecue into an award-winning venture. But what's their secret to such extraordinary barbecue? It lies in their innovative, flavourful rubs that can transform any dish into a gastronomic masterpiece.

From Backyard Enthusiasts to Award Winners

Their journey from backyard BBQ enthusiasts to internationally acclaimed rub-makers is nothing short of inspiring. And the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the rub. Their Lamb Rub, with its North African-inspired blend, bagged 1st Place at the Kumeu BBQ Comp 2021 and 5th Place at Meatstock 2020. Their Chicken Rub has consistently clinched awards, a testament to its versatility and exceptional taste.

The Four Saucemen's BBQ Rubs: A Breakdown

Each rub in their collection is meticulously crafted to enhance the natural flavours of your food, be it lamb, chicken, beef, seafood, or even veggies. Let's dive deeper into some of their range:

The Beef Rub 300g

This rub is designed to champion the flavour of the beef. Its star ingredient, beetroot powder, lends a vibrant colour and unique taste, perfectly complemented by the familiar warmth of garlic, salt, and pepper.

The Chicken Rub 250g

This rub is a symphony of sweet, smoky, and a touch of heat, certain to make your taste buds dance. Ideal for any part of the chicken, it's bound to become your favourite seasoning in no time.

The Rub 285g

This is your secret weapon for any dish. Think roast veggies, sauces, curries, you name it! This rub adds that extra umami kick, turning your meal from good to great.

The Black Truffle Rub 300g

Elevate your dishes with the luxurious flavour of black truffle. Perfect for steak, lamb, seafood, fries, soups, and cheese, this rub is like having a gourmet restaurant in the confines of your own kitchen.

The Jalapeño and Sweet Orange Rub 300g

For those who like it hot, this zesty, fiery blend is just the ticket. Amazing on chicken, skirt steak tacos, fish, scallops, and more, this rub promises a party for your taste buds.

The Black Rub 300g

Create the ultimate bark on your brisket with this rub. A blend of garlic, chilli, and some secret ingredients from The Saucemen, this rub is a must-have for any BBQ enthusiast.

The White Rub 300g

This all-purpose seasoning features a classic trio of ingredients: salt, pepper, and garlic butter. It's a versatile powerhouse that can be used with all our rubs or alone, serving as a foundation rub or a finishing touch. It's like a flavor boost on steroids! And for those with dietary restrictions, you'll be glad to know it's gluten-free.

The Awards and Accolades

The Lamb Rub's Success

The Lamb Rub, inspired by the rich and vibrant flavours of North Africa, has taken the BBQ scene by storm. It bagged the 1st Place at the Kumeu BBQ Comp 2021 and the 5th Place at Meatstock 2020, becoming a fast favourite amongst BBQ aficionados.

The Chicken Rub's Growing List of Awards

Not to be outdone, the Chicken Rub has been adding to its growing list of awards. Its irresistible blend of sweet and smoky with a hint of heat has proven its versatility and exceptional taste time and time again.

Elevating Your BBQ Experience

Adding a World of Flavour

With The Four Saucemen's rubs now available at Barbeque Trading Co., it's never been easier to introduce a world of flavour to your BBQ. These rubs are designed to enhance and celebrate the natural flavours of your food, opening up a world of culinary possibilities right in your backyard.

Creating Award-Worthy Dishes at Home

Not only do these rubs bring a gourmet touch to your meals, but they also give you the opportunity to create award-worthy dishes in the comfort of your own home. So why wait? Start exploring the range and create your BBQ masterpieces today.

The Four Saucemen's rubs bring together an unmatched passion for BBQ, innovative flavour combinations, and a dedication to quality. They offer a simple yet effective way to elevate your BBQ game, promising a memorable gastronomic experience with every use. So, fire up the grill, season your favourite meats (or veggies) with these exceptional rubs, and prepare to be transported to BBQ heaven.


  1. Where can I buy The Four Saucemen's rubs? You can buy The Four Saucemen's rubs from the online store at

  2. What makes The Four Saucemen's rubs different? The Four Saucemen's rubs are meticulously crafted with unique flavour profiles to enhance the natural taste of your food, offering a gourmet BBQ experience at home.

  3. Are The Four Saucemen's rubs suitable for all types of food? Yes, there are rubs suitable for all kinds of food - from meat like lamb, chicken, and beef to seafood and even vegetables.

  4. Do The Four Saucemen's rubs contain any artificial ingredients? No, The Four Saucemen's rubs are made from natural ingredients for an authentic, flavourful experience.

  5. Can I use The Four Saucemen's rubs on both BBQ and indoor cooking? Yes, these rubs are versatile and can be used for both outdoor BBQ and indoor cooking.

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