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Big Red’s Perfect 300 Rub and Sauce Bundle

Big Red’s Perfect 300 Rub and Sauce Bundle

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Score the Perfect 300 with Big Red’s Chicken Rub and Sauce!

Tired of the same old poultry game? Does your BBQ chicken barely make the scoreboard? You think you've tried all the tricks in the book, yet your chicken still ends up as average as a backyard cricket match.

You might believe that any old rub and sauce can make your chicken a contender. It's all about the cook, right?

Here's the spicy truth – it’s not just skill, it’s the gear. Big Red’s 300 is the premium kit that clinched the top prize with a perfect score. Each kit contains:-

  • Big Red Crack Seasoning – where every pinch is a point on the board.
  • Big Red Top Bird BBQ Sauce – the sweet glaze of victory.
  • Flavours that turn good into great, and great into unbeatable.
  • Easy enough for rookies, championed by pros.

Seize the proven power of flavours that clinched the 300 point apex at @apex_sausagefest in Albury, with the Big Red Crack Seasoning and Top Bird BBQ Sauce. This dynamic partnership has been the secret behind mouth-watering, competition-smashing chicken that's second to none.





Any 1-3 Rubs:

  • Metro (Big Cities): $7.70
  • Regional: $10.72

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