Rub Review of The Lamb Rub by The Four Saucemen

The Lamb Rub by The Four Saucemen: An Award-Winning Spice Blend

There's a certain magic that transforms ordinary cuts of lamb into award-winning delicacies. One such sorcery is known as The Lamb Rub 300g by The Four Saucemen. This blend is not just any spice mix, but a North African-inspired rub that's been turning heads and tantalizing taste buds, having scored the 1st Place at the Kumeu BBQ Competition 2021 and 5th Place at Meatstock 2020. It is proudly gluten-free and made with a medley of cumin, cocoa, and cinnamon, among other ingredients.

The Award-Winning Success of The Lamb Rub by The Four Saucemen

Imagine a seasoning so remarkable that it wins competitive barbeque competitions. That's The Lamb Rub for you. It's not just a seasoning; it's a testament to culinary artistry, winning both local and national accolades.

Exploring the North African Inspired Flavors

The Lamb Rub is a captivating fusion of various flavors that trace their origins back to North Africa. The cumin, cocoa, and cinnamon trio, in particular, makes it distinct.

Cumin's Influence

Cumin offers an earthy, spicy-sweet flavor that adds a layer of complexity to the lamb, reminding one of a sultry Moroccan evening.

The Charm of Cocoa

Interestingly, cocoa is not commonly associated with meat rubs. However, in The Lamb Rub, it creates a rich depth of flavor, adding a unique twist to the overall taste profile.

Cinnamon's Sweet Balance

Cinnamon brings a sweet and slightly woody flavor, offering a balance to the richness of the cocoa and the heat of the cumin.

The Health Advantage: Gluten-Free and MSG-Free

Health-conscious food lovers will be delighted to know that The Lamb Rub is gluten-free and MSG-free. So, you can enjoy your favorite lamb dishes without compromising your diet plans.

Why The Lamb Rub is a Must-Have for Lamb Lovers

The Lamb Rub elevates the natural flavors of lamb, making every bite a gastronomic experience. It's not just for the pros but also for everyday home cooks who want to bring a world of taste to their table.

Simple Steps to Use The Lamb Rub

Using The Lamb Rub is as easy as one, two, three.

1. Selection of the Lamb

Start by selecting the best quality lamb you can find. Remember, the better the meat, the more satisfying the end result.

2. Preparing the Rub

Rub the lamb with olive oil and sprinkle The Lamb Rub liberally on all sides, at least 30 minutes before cooking. This allows the spices to permeate the meat, enhancing its flavor.

3. Cooking Techniques

You can barbeque, bake, or grill your lamb, but whatever method you choose, the end result promises to be delicious.

Made in New Zealand: A Stamp of Quality

The Lamb Rub, made in New Zealand, carries with it the country's reputation for producing high-quality food products. This gives consumers confidence in the product's excellence.

The Lamb Rub: Transforming Home Cooking

With The Lamb Rub, every kitchen can become a gourmet paradise. It’s an invitation to explore, create, and enjoy the art of cooking.


In a nutshell, The Lamb Rub by The Four Saucemen is a game-changer in the world of lamb preparation. Its unique blend of North African-inspired flavors, award-winning reputation, health-friendly ingredients, and easy-to-use steps make it a must-have for both seasoned cooks and beginners.


  1. Where is The Four Saucemen's Lamb Rub made?
    • The Lamb Rub is proudly made in New Zealand.
  2. Is The Four Saucemen's Lamb Rub gluten-free?
    • Yes, the Lamb Rub is gluten-free.
  3. What are the main ingredients in the Lamb Rub?
    • The Lamb Rub contains sugar, salt, spices and spice extract, dehydrated garlic, and cocoa powder.
  4. How should I apply the Lamb Rub to my meat?
    • Rub your meat with olive oil and then sprinkle the Lamb Rub liberally on all sides, 30 minutes or more before cooking.
  5. What awards has the Lamb Rub won?
    • The Lamb Rub bagged 1st Place at the Kumeu BBQ Competition 2021 and 5th Place at Meatstock 2020.


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