Are BBQ Sauces Gluten Free?

Are BBQ Sauces Gluten Free?

BBQ sauce is a staple at any summer backyard BBQ, and it can easily be made or sourced gluten-free to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences. 

Gluten-free BBQ sauces are delicious and flavourful option for those following a gluten-free diet or for anyone looking to try something new on the BBQ. 

There are a few key ingredients to look for when making or purchasing gluten-free BBQ sauce. Tomato paste and vinegar are both naturally gluten-free and provide the base for many BBQ sauces. Brown sugar and molasses can add sweetness and depth of flavour, and a variety of spices can be used to give the sauce its signature taste. 

Some BBQ sauces may also contain gluten-containing ingredients such as soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce. Gluten-free alternatives like tamari or coconut aminos are often used in place of soy sauce. There are also many gluten-free Worcestershire sauce options available, or you can omit it altogether and add additional spices to compensate for the missing flavour.

Which BBQ Sauces are Gluten Free?

Blues Hog BBQ sauces are a popular choice among BBQ enthusiasts, and they offer a number of gluten-free options for those following a gluten-free diet.

Blues Hog Original BBQ sauce is made with a blend of tomato, vinegar, and spices, and is naturally gluten-free.

They also offer a gluten-free Tennessee Red BBQ sauce, which is made with a base of tomato and vinegar and flavored with sweet and smoky spices.

Both of these sauces are suitable for a gluten-free diet and are perfect for adding flavor to any BBQ dish.

In addition to their BBQ sauces, Blues Hog also offers a variety of other gluten-free products, including rubs and seasonings, making it easy to create a complete gluten-free BBQ spread.

Whether you're grilling up some ribs or chicken, or just looking to add some extra flavour to your favourite dishes, Blues Hog's gluten-free BBQ sauce is a great choice.

How to prepare a gluten free BBQ

It's important to be mindful of cross-contamination when preparing gluten-free BBQ sauce or any other food. This can occur when gluten-containing and gluten-free foods are prepared in the same area, or when utensils or other equipment that have come into contact with gluten are used. To prevent cross-contamination, it's a good idea to use separate utensils and cooking equipment for gluten-free foods, and to thoroughly clean any shared surfaces before preparing gluten-free meals.

Overall, gluten-free BBQ sauce is a delicious option for anyone looking to add some flavour to their summer bbq or everyday meals. With a little bit of attention to ingredient labels and cross-contamination prevention, you can enjoy all of the taste of traditional BBQ sauce without any of the gluten. So, try some of our gluten-free BBQ sauce here

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