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The General's Hot Sauce

Dead Red - Cayenne Hot Sauce 3-Pack

Dead Red - Cayenne Hot Sauce 3-Pack

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Indulge in 3 bottles of Dead Red - The General's signature heat-lover's choice.

Perfect for buffalo wings, yet sublime on all other dishes. Carefully crafted with Louisiana-grown red cayenne peppers hand-picked at the perfect time, salted and aged until the mash is ready for bottling.

This all-natural sauce is composed of nearly 90% cayenne peppers, delivering a robust, freshly-ground taste that stands out from the vinegar-heavy sauces.

Spice up your wings with a mix of 75 sauce and 25 butter to get the General's signature blend. Heat levels (1-10) range from 6-7, not scorching, but still sure to make you reach for a cold drink.



* American Cayenne Peppers
* Distilled White Vinegar
* Salt
* Garlic


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