Jalapeno Chilli Brisket Pie

Jalapeno Chilli Brisket Pie


A delicious smoked brisket takes a lot of time and close observation. The slow-cooked brisket  just melts in your mouth with that juicy and tender texture. It is indeed one of the family's favorite choices for summer BBQ, and you will always love to make it, but there is a slight fallback. You have made the delicious Brisket for the weekend, and now you have leftovers. If you have kids that want variation in their meals, then you might be in trouble.

Let us be honest, who wants to waste that juicy brisket. Now that would be a sin! Therefore, do not worry at all. We have the best recipe that will elevate the brisket to a new level of acceptance. Just hear this, everyone loves pie, so why not using the leftover brisket in the pie. Yes! You can do that, and it is just perfect because of the combination of that tender meat, thicken juices of the meat in a flaky pie crust. And over the top is that oozy layer of cheese that cuts the juicy meat and the tangy, spicy jalapenos ad chilli. Sounds intriguing. To know more about the recipe, keep reading and try this easy recipe… Thank us later!

Why is Brisket perfect for Pie?

Brisket is smoked at low temperatures for hours. This slow cooking method helps in penetrating the flavor of the rub you are using. We personally love the Texas-styled BBQ Brisket, and it is not just perfect as its own but also exceptional for the pie.

Since the brisket is fully cooked to soak in all of its juices to be tender and delicious, making a pie out of it is quick and easy. You do not have to prepare a lot for the pie since all of the flavors are already there. It just needs a perfect pairing like the flaky crust to complement the tender meat or melted cheese to cut through the juices of the brisket and the jalapenos and chilli to give that delicious flare that you were looking for!

Tips for making the best Jalapeno Chilli Brisket Pie

Making a Brisket pie is easy, but it still needs few tips to make it into perfection. Here are the few tips and hacks that will make the brisket pie easier for you to make, especially during the week:

  • Use Brisket dripping to make the pie filling. It will elevate the entire dish without adding a lot. If not, we are already using beef stock.
  • If the beef stock is making the filling too salty, add Worcestershire sauce teaspoon by teaspoon to control the saltiness.
  • Feel free to use any vegetables you like but to make it quick, and we are using pre-cut frozen vegetables since they are readily available and require no hustle.
  • If you do not have time to cut those notorious jalapenos and chili, but a jar of pre-cut of them. They are affordable and way better than the pain and itchiness of cutting them.
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